New Google Search Layout Has No Underlines, Makes Titles Bigger

New Google Layout
Users in Europe are seeing a new variety of Google search results, which many believe is related to Google's European antitrust agreement. The new layout was spotted by Dan Barker.
Interestingly, the new layout makes it harder to distinguish the ads from regular search results.
Unlike the AdWords ads we're become familiar with, where Google sets ad blocks apart from organic results by using a different background color, the new layout simply includes the yellow ad label tag along with a line separating the paid search results with the organic search results. Many people now associate those colored ad blocks on Google and other search engines as being paid ads.
Another big change is the removal of underlines from all the links, both paid and organic.
Along with a new font, Google has increased the font size for titles, which means less characters appear – notice in the screenshot that "Financial Times" no longer fits in the new layout, which means you may need to revisit your title tags. Google is also favoring a harder to read gray text, rather than black.
The antitrust agreement was designed to make it clear to users when they are being presented with a Google related promotional result as well as provide things non-Google options. For example, on a future you might see Google shopping results, you'll also see other "Alternative" results from non-Google sources. This is for both desktop and mobile users. These concessions will be in place for five years in Europe.
When the agreement was first announced, Google released a few images to show how the search results would appear differently prior to the agreement and after the agreement.
The EU antitrust chief also came under fire for speculation that the agreement was actually a "gentlemen's agreement" and rival companies claimed that they were not doing enough to ensure that Google didn't have dominance in their own search results.

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